Be Happy It Happened

Every year I struggle with Christmas. The time right before Thanksgiving till the day after Christmas can be agonizingly long. I hate all the commercialism that we are constantly bombarded with, but you know what I really dislike? I dislike the empty places at the table. I miss my family. I miss the laughter of kids. I miss the building of excitement. I miss the joy of Christmas. I miss the joy of just being together.

It began with the loss of my grandpa right before Thanksgiving many years ago. He was my only dad and Thanksgiving was his very favorite day. He used to tell me, “How can you not love a day that all you have to do is be thankful?” He’d then tell me he loved me and was thankful for me. To say I can’t wait to see him again is a huge understatement.

Through the years many other very much loved family members have passed on. My grandma was just as amazing as grandpa. She did her best to teach me to be a lady (sorry, grandma 😉) and took good care of me and my siblings.

My hubby’s family was hit hard by loss, too. Him and his sister are  pretty much all they really have left. Yet, my sweet hubby still manages to smile, be joyful, and welcome the holidays.

Our boys are grown men and both are married. They have bigger families to share with now so their seats are often empty, too.

(Remember when I lamented about no blogs for moms with adult kids? Well, mine changes that! We now have our “space” too.)

The Lord gave me a word for this year and that word has been joy. Clearly, it’s not a concept I grasp very well but I think I’ve found the key. When I focus on me and what I think I don’t have, I forget to look at what I do have. When I start actually counting how many ways I’m blessed my sorrow turns to joy. Being thankful is the key to being joyful. I’m just sorry it took me so long to finally figure it out!

One of my sons shared this a few years ago, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened.” That really was a God thing because he had no idea how hard I was struggling at the time. It was as if he turned the light on in a very dark room. Since then my prayer has been, “Please, Lord, help me to see things the way you do.” It’s been an incredible journey since I first started praying that prayer.

My new word from the Lord for this year is patience. Pray I survive! 😊 😳
We consider the “P” word a pretty dangerous word to utter in our household and would never consider praying for it, yet, there it is.

Have a blessed Christmas, my friends, and remember to be thankful.


Colorado Leaf-Peeping!

We missed leaf-peeping this year due to our trip to France. We had a very early snow in the high country that ended the colors pretty quickly. So, I’ve had to settle for looking at photos from years past.

This is one of the most vibrant aspens we saw last year! Growing up we mostly saw pine trees, the forest fires and beetle kill have quickly changed Colorado’s high country landscape. We see a lot more aspen trees – they thrive in the higher elevations. The average lifespan for them in flatland is only 13 years.

It’s always fun to stumble upon a pretty waterful while leaf-peeping!

More lovely golds!

See how the aspen are starting to fill in where the pine trees are dying?

Pockets of gold everywhere!

This view is our all-time favorite place to end our leaf-peeping tour. It’s Panorama Point, at 8,200 feet above sea level you can see mountain ranges from over 100 miles away! It’s one of the most breathtaking views in Colorado!

Be Kind

I left Facebook back in January due to the anger and arguing and haven’t been back. I  dislike that we are no longer kind or civil to each other. Whatever happened to, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it?” I think it’s time we reclaimed our kindness to one another. Jesus loves you and so do I.  Happy Tuesday!


Sometimes we need to just hit the reset button and take a timeout. That’s what my husband and I did a few weeks ago. We took a trip to Nice, France. It was a wonderful trip! The French people were so kind and welcoming! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos.

Since I live in the Colorado Rockies you know I couldn’t resist the alps! Even if our view was flying over them! They are gorgeous!

How cool is it that Nice had a miniature Statue of Liberty on the  Promenade des Anglaise?

It was hard to keep from walking into people because all we wanted to do was look up and around! The details on the buildings were mind-blowing! Many of these buildings are centuries old.

And the doors! Wow!

I love the rounded architecture on so many of the buildings. The colors were classic soft Mediterranean palates.

We even managed a quick visit to Monaco and Menton! The whole Riviera is a delightful mix of cultures. Most of the coast was once owned by Italy and its influence is very apparent in a charming way.

Times, they are a changing! I loved the lavender ice cream (the pink scoop) and the jasmine ice cream was divine (the cream scoop). Jasmine ice cream is an Iranian treat. There is a heavy Middle Eastern influence in the food now offered in Nice.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip that was refreshing to the soul!

Go Crochet Wellness Coaching!

Ellen Gormley, from Go Crochet,  has decided to expand her coaching services to include wellness, fitness, motivation and career goals!

As many of you already know, Ellen was one of my crochet designer mentors. She’s a great motivator and really understands how to help you make the right decisions to get you where you want to go.

Coaching isn’t telling you what to do – anyone can do that. It’s a more refined skill to help you find the right answers that work specifically for you. It’s helping you see the big picture and then making a plan on how to reach that goal or goals.

I’ve known Ellen for many years, she’s a beautiful person inside and out! Why not click on over to Go Crochet and get started with Ellen today?

Why I Pray

It’s been a really rough month for my family. Unfortunately, hard things happen to all of us. I found this pin on Pinterest that perfectly describes why I pray. If the God of the universe (a place — not a deity!) is willing to bend down and listen to me, He must really care about what I’m going through. If He cares enough to listen, He is willing to help. So I pray and leave my troubles at the feet of Jesus.

I don’t always get the answer I want, but I do always get the answer I need. Thankfully, I can trust Him with the outcome and you can too. A prayer is simply pouring your heart out to Him. There are no special words needed. It’s simply a conversation with the One who loves you more than you can fathom. He’s leaning down waiting to hear from you, too.

Shalom, my friends.

Race Car!

How awesome is it that Amazon is now giving away free race cars with your purchase?!? My furbabies are going to have a great time! 😉 Happy Wednesday!


A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out. Matthew 12:20 NIV

Blindside. A hard word for a hard and crushing situation.  What do we do when it happens? We can’t avoid them, they come for all of us at several points in our lives. Job loss, loss of health, imprisonment of someone we love, and the death of someone close to us. I’ve lived through and survived them all. Not only did I survive, I grew. I am stronger now than I have ever been, but it’s only due to and through the Lord.

Last night was another blindside. We got the call that my brother-in-law died. We loved him dearly and I admit it is crushing. He was a kind man and we will greatly miss him.

At some point, we all die. Your death will be someone’s blindside. Same with mine – one day my kids will get that call. We can hide behind pills, booze, and yarn or we can accept that this is an opportunity to grow in our relationship with the Lord. The choice is one only we can make. Trust Him or wallow in grief, I choose to trust in His kindness and mercy.

I can’t  control what happens in life but I can control if I trust the Lord with the outcome. Today, I am the bruised reed and I know the pain isn’t here to destroy me. His goal is never to crush us, it’s to bring us closer to Him. I love what Psalm 91:1 says, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

Shalom, my friends.



Lavender Honey

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

Lavender is one of my very favorite flavors to use in food or drinks. Especially, homegrown fresh from the garden!

Lavender honey is super easy to make. You simply boil a cup or two of honey with a small handful of lavender blossoms for 5 minutes and then let stand and cool for an hour. It will still be warm after the hour is up, which is good, because it makes it easier to strain and pour into the jar.

Now you can spread it on toast or use it in coffee, tea or even lemonade! It’s a delightful summer treat!

Finishing Well

Yesterday I had a long talk with a very dear friend of many years about some struggles we are both facing. We’ve spent our whole adult lives trying to live it well. Now, we want to finish well.

My friend and I have both seen Christians with good intentions start out well and end very badly. They gave up their faith, family, and future for something that was fleeting. In the end, the price was much higher than they expected to pay. How do we avoid becoming them?

It’s easy to get sucked down, broken or give up as we age. Things don’t go the way we thought they would. Plans fail, friends and loved ones die, but the clock keeps ticking, Which brings me back to, how do we finish well?

Finishing well isn’t about having that fat bank account, big house, or even the most yarn. It’s about keeping the faith. Having hope as life gets harder. Believing that God is bigger than any fear you face. It’s knowing the Creator loves you and cares about what is happening to you.

My point in all this? Finishing well means realizing the end here is the beginning of eternity AND living a life that reflects that belief. If I believe that this life is all there is, I’m going to fight tooth and nail to get the most out of it before it all ends – regardless of who it hurts. If I view this life as a transition into eternity with Jesus, I will fight the good fight to help bring others to Him. Fighting the good fight means refusing to be ashamed to call myself a Christian. It’s not just a label – it’s who I am at my very core. Jesus in me, working through me.

John 3:16 gives purpose and meaning to our whole life – especially the last half. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Eternal life makes finishing well a beautiful goal!